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Who We Are

Kraken Lab is committed to helping you find the best solution for your business and your user. Kraken Lab ensures all stakeholders are involved and that the best ideas make it to the evaluation and monitoring phase, without locking onto a solution and pressing forward until the concept is proven.

Our Purpose

Kraken Lab is here to help you bring your idea to life, and then help it thrive. From the initial analysis, to formulating an action plan, to implementation and measuring effectiveness, Kraken Lab is in the business of innovative problem solving. Let us help you create a new reality instead of trying to succeed in someone else’s.

What We Do


We analyse the situation from the user perspective.

Gather infos

We gather the relevant information to identify the problem.


We generate ideas to find the best way to solve the problem.


We test the good ideas and adapt to get the best solution.

Develop the solution

We develop the solution to make it ready to be launched in the market.


We launch and monitor the user interactions to optimize the product.

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